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ADSO bvba

Hoek 76 - Unit 72
2850 Boom Belgium
Tel. +32 498 40 05 04
E-mail bart@adso.be
Website www.adso.be
Engineering & productontwikkeling
Bart Hendrickx
Save Time, Produce Faster!

ADSO bvba : Your preferred partner in Engineering & Production. Use your precious time wisely and lower your investment costs by using our Rapid Service.
Producten en diensten

Our knowledge of production is being processed into our designs. The reason of our success is that our engineers work closely with the R&D departments of our customers. This collaboration results in getting an innovative and optimal product. Cost advantages are already being achieved at this stage. Not only do our engineers possess the mechanical and technical knowledge, they also combine the resources of the industry.

We use all our creativity and effort to present superior solutions to our customers. Our business philosophy is to provide our clients with innovative and winning products.


Rapid Service

Everybody knows that for new products “time to market” is very important. This is the reason that ADSO developed the application tool “RAPID SERVICE”.

Our Rapid service provides three services ; Rapid Tooling, Soft Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing All steps are automatically generated.



The heart of a mold is a good design. We pay special attention to the construction of every mold, e.a. the cooling channels and moving mechanisms. We do this to ensure the highest quality of goods delivered to the customer.

All molds are carefully designed to maximize their lifespan and to make the maintenance of them as convenient as possible.



We provide a wide range of production services, such as: High Precision Turning & Milling, Die Casting and Lost Wax Casting, Plastic Injection, Sheet Metal parts, Small Metal constructions and more. For every need you have we will find a solution.